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What We Do

Search Engine Optimisation

Our approach to SEO is simple, we are not here to promise you First page of google in blah blah months like most SEO's do. What we actually do is sit down and understand your business. We beleive understanding the business, the needs of your customers and your ideas as the owner is key to delivering a successful SEO campaign. Our in house team will research vital and important keywords relevant to your business. We then deliver contents to ensure the search engines view your website as ideal for these keywords thereby driving meaningful traffic to your website. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Web Design & Development

Our unique approach to web designing ensures you not only have an aesthetic design, but also a site that is designed around the needs and requirments of your customers because after all, the goal is to satisfy them. All our designs are started fom scratch and are optimised to look and function both on computer and on mobile devices. More than half of internet usage is now done on mobile devices, our team will not only ensure your website is responsive, we also design and develop with care to ensure your site is optimised for search engines. From e-commerce website to informative websites, we do it all.

Google Adwords Campaign

One of the most quick and effective way of getting traffic to your online business/store. We are specialists in setting up and running cost effective google ad campaigns. As powerful as it is, without understanding the concepts and underlying principles, Google adwords can be very expensive and ineffective. What our team will offer you is a researched and customised approach to your campaign which allows for meaningful traffic to be driven to your website at a low cost per click. We constantly monitor and improve your Click Through Rate (CTR) which directly improves your ad's credibilty with google whilst driving down your Cost Per Click (CPC)


kwam-iT is a UK company that recycles old laptops from the UK public. We were approached by them to help re-design their website and improve their Google rankings. Our approach was to implement a simple and feasible design and integrate simple easy to read content which will be relevant to their target audience and simultaneously be deemed ideal by the Search Engine. Within 8 weeks, we were able to improve their rankings to page 1 for 3 seperate keywords with one being in the Top 4 consistently
making them more accessible to people who wish to sell their old laptops

MAX's barbershop is a male grooming and salon based in the heart of Chester,in Cheshire England. Max got in touch with us to design a clean intuitive website with an added functionality of an appointments booking system. An intuitive and fully functional booking system was implemented which enables clients to book haircuts with added features such as email reminders and a payment/deposit taking system. Max is able to view his appointments and email his clients from the touch of a button.

We were approached by MRFFOODS, a northwest based fitness food company to develop and implement an e-commerce website to cater for their vast array of products ranging from meal preps, muscle supplements, butchers section and so on. A full backend system was implemented where each order could be viewed alongside putting in place a payment processing method at very low cost. The website is fully responsive, making it useful for both desktop and mobile/smartphone users.

The Tusca Story

Tusca arose from a number of individuals with strong experience in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Web Designing & Development and Social Media Marketing coming together to form an integrated digital marketing solution for businesses across the UK. We understand that digital marketing is very time consuming task which can hinder you from concentrating on other vital parts of your business. Our services ensure all the stress of digital marketing is taken away from your company. We work with our clients to ensure your online presence reflects and emphasises your brand image and most importantly we ensure that you, the client, get results.

Why Tusca

Why Tusca?

  • Focused on results

    What we strive for is simple, it's to get you the results that you want. And not just any, we get you profitable results.

  • Synergy

    Our ability to design and develop sites coupled with our deep understanding of how the search engines work, Google, Bing, etc. We are able to give you a strong online presence!

  • More time to concentrate on your company's operations

    With the burden of developing and executing strategic online growth plans undertaken by us, you are free to focus on other vital parts of your business.

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